Tribu 50 Year Anniversary

Thanks so much to Tribù for inviting us to their 50th Anniversary and showroom opening in Belgium. It has been an absolute pleasure distributing the Tribù products over the last eight years and we we’re delighted to attend such a monumental occasion.

From Tribu:

When Henri De Cock started his company in 1967, he probably never imagined that 50 years later Tribù would be one of the oldest fully family-owned manufactures of high-end outdoor furniture. We would like to thank all of our partners and collaborators over those 50 years. We wouldn’t be where we are today without your commitment.

1967 – 1987 : from import company to first design

The story of Tribù starts in 1967, when first generation Henri De Cock established a company named NV De Cock. At that time it was only a Belgian import company for garden furniture. In 1987, Henri suddenly died and his son Lode continued the company, but with a different vision. Lode: ’Before we wanted to please everyone, but then nobody really falls in love with you.’ And so he searched for a clear identity: discreet luxury and architectural design. At that time, cheap plastic and heavy teak outdoor furniture dominated the outdoor market. Lode contacted Wim Segers, an industrial designer. They shared the vision that the terrace should be an extension of the house and brought the cosiness, design and quality of indoor furniture to the outdoors. Nowadays this is a common view, but at that time, they were one of the first. Segers designed a first collection ‘Praslin’, an elegant collection in teak and Lode, as a civil engineer, pushed the boundaries of what was possible with this material. At first people were very reluctant and thought he was crazy ‘putting indoor furniture outside’, but soon a big order came in and a year later Praslin was represented in the USA.

1998 : the Tribù brand was born
In 1998 Lode changed the name from De Cock to Tribù (tribe in Italian) which stands for a group of people working closely together. The next important step was the launch in 1999 of the collection ‘Natal’, also by Wim Segers. It was a collection in stainless steel which had never been used for outdoor furniture before. The cold, rigid look of steel was combined with a wooden organic seat which was really innovative at the time. It was also a  Made in Belgium-label, unlike most labels that were produced in the East. This was the start of an international breakthrough. Tribù was the first outdoor furniture company to be admitted into the prestigious “design hall” of the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

2009 : Luxury becomes key in brand positioning
In 2009 also Tribù feels the crisis. And so a new market is tapped into, the one of luxury hotels and boutique resorts. Tribù positioned itself even higher, as a real luxury brand. No bling bling though, but discreet luxury that is expressed in detail finish and a simple, refined design. Tribù started to work with internationally-respected designers like Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, Monica Armani, Vincent Van Duysen and Lievore Altherr Molina. They focussed on the top of the pyramid in retail, hospitality, corporate business and yachting. Now brands such as Bulgari, Apple, Nespresso, Dior, Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons… are Tribù’s customers. Top retail stores in more than 60 countries represent the brand.

2014 : the 3rd generation takes over
In 2014 the young generation takes over the lead of the company. Tom as sales & marketing director and Koen as CEO with the daily lead over 49 employees. 50 years after the start of the company a new milestone is set with the opening of a new office and 1000m² showroom. This was the perfect moment to celebrate with 300 partners from all over the world. Watch the video and experience the magic of the evening yourself !


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