New Arrival: The Dala Lounge Chair

New Arrival: The Dala Lounge Chair

DALA lounge chair designed by Stephen Burks for DEDON draws inspiration from traditional African basket weaving techniques, artisanship and impromptu seating configurations. Stephen's dedication to preserving the future of artisans and handicrafts has influenced his design thinking, resulting in a compelling body of work. Alongside a series of coffee tables, planters and lanterns, the Dala lounge chair is now exclusively available in all Cosh Living showrooms nationwide

Having been established in 1990, DEDON was the first to weave synthetic fibre onto luxurious designs and establish itself as a well-known global brand, paving the way for the woven outdoor furniture industry. With Stephen’s extensive knowledge and practice with the use of weaving techniques, he now has three award-winning collections for DEDON, which makes the creation of the Dala a result of a long-term collaborative relationship dedicated to celebrating traditional weaving techniques, industrial manufacturing, and contemporary design.

Dala Lounge Chair by DEDONThe Dala Lounge Chair by DEDON 

In a recent interview In conversation with EST, Stephens expresses how DEDON has been instrumental in allowing him to develop and express his philosophy of design. “They were the first brand to invite me into the factory to collaborate directly with the research and development team and consequently, the master weavers.” As a result, the collections have been developed collaboratively in Cebu and the Philippines, – directly with the artisans there. 

Outdoor Living - Dala Lounge ChairDesigner Stephen Burks and The Dala Lounge Chair

The DALA lounge combines surface and structure, beginning as a powder-coated frame of aluminium mesh through which DEDON's expert weavers thread colourful strands of this innovative fibre in this adaptable piece. 

The Fibre is high-density Polyethylene (HDPE) made by Dedon, which is manufactured from recycled packaging of food and beverages, mixed with polyethylene. The DALA lounge chair uses approx. 650m of this innovative fibre, taking around 62 hours to complete one chair. 

This durable material is not only easy to maintain by simply wiping down with a damp cloth but is also lightweight making the frames easy moved about the outdoor living area.

Dala outdoor Lounge chair

The Dala lounge chair has recently been reworked, with the back cushion now taking on a new rounded form, mimicking that of the woven backrest. The improved cushion shape not only creates a softer, more unified look to the overall structure but has also amplified the level of comfort, creating a more inviting seating experience. ­The upholstery is made from high-quality outdoor acrylic fabric which is quick-drying, UV resistant and 100 per cent protected against rot and mildew, providing peace of mind when left in full sun or heavy rainfall.

The DALA Lounge Chair exudes relaxed elegance, with an eye-catching striped pattern available in five different colours. The comfortable outdoor cushions are made to order with a wide range of outdoor upholstery options and a delivery lead time of only 4-6 weeks.

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