Bailey distils centuries of glass working mastery into a captivating modern form. Using ancient Italian optic glassblowing techniques, Bailey pushes the intricate process into new territories, superimposing vertical flutes onto a softened diamond at a dramatic and challenging scale.

Designed by Tom Fereday for Rakumba.

Rakumba, Making Beauty

Positioned at the junction between residential and contract, Rakumba’s luxury lighting collections have a European feel, drawing from a multicultural background just like their Australian home. Rakumba draws design and technology together into the Rakumba essence – Making Beauty – this is what drives Rakumba and their people; forging a design legacy of iconic lighting pieces.

Rakumba collaborates with Australian and international designers of global renown to create sophisticated, deeply considered, and rigorously authentic designs. Working beyond the constraints of material or process, Rakumba expresses their aesthetic as ‘contemporary elegance’.

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