Dining Room Furniture

Share a meal with friends and family, set against the backdrop of one of our carefully crafted dining room furniture & lighting. With our extensive range of options and customisable finishes, you can easily furnish the perfect dining room to suit your everyday. Whether you have a large extended family, are a busy young family or empty nesters wanting to downsize - Cosh Living has dining room furniture that can suit any situation.

Dining Tables

Revitalise shared dining experiences with our extensive  range of dining tables. Our meticulously crafted designs seamlessly blend contemporary aesthetics & functional elegance, creating a backdrop for meaningful connections. Elevate shared meals into celebrations of togetherness.

Dining Chairs

Discover a wide range of exquisitely designed chairs that combine style, comfort, and functionality. Our chairs are meticulously crafted to enhance the ambiance of any interior space. From classic to contemporary, our collection features diverse styles, ensuring you'll find the perfect chair to complement your dining table.

Dining Room Storage

Make a style statement with our collection of storage solutions for your dining space. We offer a beautiful range of free standing storage furniture designs by Kett and Potocco including shelving, sideboards & consoles. Each piece is available in various colour options to suit your existing interior and colour scheme.

Indoor Lighting

Indoor lighting holds a pivotal role in shaping both the ambiance and functionality of interior spaces. Meticulously sculpting the ambiance and functionality within interior spaces, indoor lighting can establish a diverse array of atmospheres, ranging from the warm & welcoming embrace of a soft radiance to the vibrancy of an energetic luminosity.