Innovative Solutions

Lapalma’s story begins in the 1980s, and the company has shown and endless enthusiasm, expertly combining metal with wood, leather and fabrics to create timeless pieces of furniture with clean fluid lines.

Lapalma's chairs, armchairs, tables, and stools are the building blocks of a single, constant quest: to offer innovative and functional solutions that create a harmonious ongoing dialogue between spaces and those who live in them.

Creativity Begins With Curiosity

From the outset, Lapalma displayed a preference for natural, recyclable materials. Over the years they have developed a wide range of products for the contract market attracting buyers on major projects worldwide for hotels, shops, museums and airports.

About their approach, Lapalma say "We have always been curious and we continue to be so. Our secret is the ability to look around us to anticipate the desires and needs of new lifestyles. To our ability to look ahead, we can add our aptitude for considering things from a different point of view. A 'lateral thinking' that allows us to respond with unexpected and innovative solutions to the needs of the present and the future."

Good Design & Aesthetic Appeal

Lapalma’s blend of good design and aesthetic appeal produces furniture with a strong personality and has seen contributions from designers of international renown (as of 2013, Lapalma’s art director is Francesco Rota). Today, they have brought in new fabrics, padding, leathers, and colour palettes and are building a diversified portfolio to accommodate products which are suited to the contract market, but can also cross over into other areas such as the home, outdoor and office.