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Perth, boasts a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Summer temperatures often soar above 30°C accompanied by clear skies. Winters bring cooler temperatures and occasional rainfall. The city is characterised by its consistent sunshine, with Perth experiencing more sunny days than any other Australian capital. The coastal location influences the climate, providing residents with generally pleasant weather throughout the year. Choosing suitable outdoor furniture in Perth is vital due to the city's hot and dry climate. Opting for materials resistant to sun exposure ensures longevity and comfort, creating enjoyable outdoor spaces.

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The Outdoor Table Perth Clients Love

A popular outdoor table for our Perth clients is the Branch dining tables from Tribu. Featuring an aluminium top – this table is low maintenance, heavy enough to not blow around in the wind. The aluminium table top also ensures the Branch is durable in the face of full sun and rain. Featuring contemporary lines and competitive pricing, it is an outdoor table delivered into many Perth homes.

Branch Outdoor Table

Popular Outdoor Chairs in Perth

The Wye outdoor chairs, designed by Justin Hutchinson for Kett is a powdercoated steel chair. Powder-coated steel chair is suitable for Perth's weather due to its durability and resistance to corrosion. The powder coating enhances the chair's ability to withstand the city's hot and dry climate, protecting it from the harsh sun and preventing rust formation. The Wye chairs are a reliable and long-lasting choice for outdoor furniture in Perth, ensuring they maintain their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal over time.

Wye Outdoor Chairs
Apollo Sofa 15% Off Outdoor Furniture Kett

Perth's Favourite Outdoor Sofa

The Apollo outdoor sofa, a sofa with large proportions and UV-stable rope, is well-suited for Perth's weather and generous homes. The substantial size provides ample seating for spacious living areas, complementing the generous dimensions of Perth luxury homes. UV-stable rope ensures durability under the intense sun, making the sofa resistant to fading and deterioration. This combination offers a stylish and enduring outdoor seating solution that aligns with the comfort and aesthetics desired in Perth's climate and larger residences.

Apollo Outdoor Sofa

Outdoor Umbrellas for Perth

A high-quality umbrella, such as the Jardinico Caractere Umbrella, is essential for Perth homes. Its durability ensures it can withstand the intense summer sun, maximising outdoor living around pools and alfresco areas without compromising on comfort. The heavy-duty construction allows it to stay upright even in windy conditions, common in Perth. Being mobile, it can easily be moved to different spots, providing versatile shade solutions for various outdoor settings.

Caractere Outdoor Umbrella

The Outdoor Lounge Chairs Perth Clients Love

A high-quality lounge chair like the DEDON Mbrace Lounge & Wing Chairs is perfect for Perth homes. With 8 months of agreeable weather, outdoor relaxation is a priority. The Wing chair, with its comfortable design and accompanying footstool, provides an ideal spot for an afternoon snooze. The quality ensures longevity, making it a worthwhile investment for residents seeking both comfort and durability in their outdoor living spaces.

Mbrace Wing Chair

Perth Showroom

If you're looking for outdoor furniture for your Perth home, the Cosh Living Osborne Park showroom is the perfect destination. Showcasing the very best in designer furniture from both local and international brands, there is a focus on stylish, comfortable and durable outdoor furniture.

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