ROII is a contemporary expression of pure DEDON DNA. This fully woven collection encompasses a range of lounge and seating options, combined in two distinct weaving styles and an eye-catching mix of colors, textures and patterns. Compact yet comfortable, ROII is equally at home atop a beach dune, on an urban balcony, or poolside amidst a full array of DEDON furniture. Lightweight, stackable and easy to move around, ROII is there when you need, bringing people together for conversations all day long and deep into the night.

Design by Benjamin Baum for DEDON DESIGN STUDIO

The Spirit of Dedon

Founded in 1990, DEDON were the first to weave synthetic fiber onto luxury designs, the first to ensure absolute premium quality of their outdoor furniture, and the first to become a leading global brand – paving the way for the woven outdoor furniture industry.

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