Augmented Reality

Imagine being able to view beautiful Cosh furniture in your own home or landscape. Our new Cosh Living App allows you to do this simply by downloading the app onto your iPhone or iPad and enjoy the decorating experience.

The Cosh Living AR App can be downloaded onto your iPhone or iPad from the App Store simply by searching Cosh Living AR or click here to be redirected. 

*We are working towards having the app available on Android in the near future.

The app is very easy to use once downloaded. Simply select the desired product from the menu which you would like to see in your own home and then follow the instructions from your device regarding scanning the floor space of the area you are wanting to furnish.

Once scanned the item will appear on your screen and you can move it into the required position using your finger on the screen. You can also swivel the item using two fingers to make sure that it is perfectly positioned. The colour of the item can be changed simply by touching the screen options.

When ready to add other pieces simply push the + button on the screen which will return you to the products menu for selection.

Place the new item alongside your previous item and move them all into position.

If you want to try a totally different product or furniture collection, move all current products into the trash basket and return to the products page to begin selections once again.

Once you are satisfied with your selections on your screen you can move closer with your device to see more detail on the furniture, change the angle of vision or to look at your selections from the side or rear of the room simply by walking to that position.