Kett is an Australian brand, established in 2016. Headed up by leading designer Justin Hutchinson, Kett studio is based in the historic Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne. Kett celebrates an Australian way of life. Drawing inspiration from the natural landscape, the beautiful furniture communicates an undeniably Australian point of view.

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Founded in 1919, Potocco is a family-run business from Undine, Italy. Exemplifying luxurious European style, each Potocco piece is hand crafted to the highest standard, and from the best materials that Italy has to offer.

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In the early nineties, Tribù was a pioneer of the philosophy that the outdoor areas should be an extension of the home. This ethos translates wholly to the Australian experience and one of the reasons Tribu is so well received by the Australian audience. Every product is a blend of quality, simplicity and contemporary elegance. The delicate detailing resembles that of the finest interior furniture, a credit to the international designers behind the collections. 

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Founded in 1990, DEDON was born out of a love for the outdoors, a willingness to think outside the box and a relentless pursuit of quality. Most known for their playful designs and iconic weather-resistant fibre, they have transformed the outdoor furniture market. Today, the brand is represented in more than eighty countries on six continents, supplying the finest products to customers around the globe in both the residential and contract markets.

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A Belgian designer and manufacturer of luxurious outdoor furniture, Manutti has been designing and developing furniture since 2002 with a passion for the outdoor experience. Manutti designs are refined, with a touch of undeniable luxury and commitment to great materials.

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Atelier Vierkant  

Atelier Vierkant is a Belgian family business founded over 25 years ago that produces handcrafted clay planters, pebbles and objects. These beautiful, sculptural pieces are constructed using clay from different regions of Germany, slowly hand carved and sculpted by a team of around 20 master craftspeople which gives each their one of a kind aesthetic.

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Lapalma’s story begins in the 1980s to create timeless pieces of furniture with clean fluid lines. To this day, Lapalma offer a diversified portfolio of durable products suited to the contract market and home environments alike.


 Coast was founded in 2003 with the specific goal of establishing a luxury outdoor furniture brand that reflects New Zealand’s unique quality of life. Coast produce durable outdoor bean bags with a trusted Made In New Zealand quality assurance. Their design process concentrates as much on materials and construction as on aesthetics and style, to ensure that everything is enduring and timelessly beautiful.

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With more than fifteen years of experience, Belgian brand Jardinico produces an elegant collection of high quality umbrellas. Offering modern designs,  quality materials, maintenance-friendly fabrics and easy opening systems, the umbrella collections complement stylish outdoor lounging and dining settings, allowing you to turn every outdoor space into a sun-safe entertaining area. 


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