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Johanna Round Timber Tables

Johanna Round Timber Tables

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Designer: Justin Hutchinson

The Johanna dining table is a celebration of timber, defined by a curvaceous and elegant form and executed with exceptional detail. 

Materials: Timber base constructed from Solid Walnut or Solid Oak.
Timber Veneer Top: Luxurious double layer veneer with solid edge construction.

Made In Italy.

DIA130 x H74
DIA160 x H74

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Designed by Justin Hutchinson

For over two decades, Justin Hutchinson has shaped contemporary design in homes, offices, and streets, championing Australian design and manufacturing. With Kett, he has developed signature collections utilising local makers and quality materials. His work has defined beloved landmarks and earned international recognition, including exhibitions like ‘Melbourne Now’ at the National Gallery of Victoria. As a co-founder of Kett in 2016, Justin's extensive experience—from production hand to Design Director—celebrates local design and our Australian way of life.

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Johanna Round Timber Table 130cm Indoor Furniture Kett

A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Dining Table Material

Choosing the perfect dining table is about finding the heart of your dining space. It's not just functional; it's an expression of your style and the essence of your home. The material of the table can significantly influence the room's atmosphere. Timber offers a traditional, warm ambience, while marble provides a modern, luxurious look. Each material has its unique charm, but practicality is also key. Consider these factors to choose a dining table that matches your taste and lifestyle.

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Johanna Round Timber Table 130cm Indoor Furniture Kett

The Elegance and Sophistication of Ketts Solid Timber Tables

Timber furniture, including solid walnut, holds a timeless appeal, providing both functional utility and a warm, natural aesthetic in living spaces. The enduring popularity of timber tables stems from their ability to evoke cosiness and a connection with nature, making them a favoured choice among interior design enthusiasts. Kett values durability, beauty, and sustainability, crafting furniture with authentic materials and meticulous craftsmanship. Head designer Justin Hutchinson draws inspiration from Victorian coastlines and forest landscapes, influencing their material choices. The organic patterns and enduring quality of materials like solid walnut make them ideal for Kett's tables, enhancing the elegance and sophistication of any dining space..

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