Choosing A Lounger For Your Outdoor Space

Choosing A Lounger For Your Outdoor Space

Adding a range of seating options to the outdoors is a great way to get the most enjoyment out of your garden areas. If you already have a more formal seating area, such as a dining table and lounge chairs, adding an outdoor lounger is a great way to provide extra seating that adds an additional layer of comfort and a place to unwind. 

The outdoor area of your home shouldn’t just be an afterthought; with our wide range of outdoor fabric and finish options, you can create an outdoor design that is a true extension of your indoor living space.

Natal Alu Meridienne Cosh LivingNatal Alu Meridienne by Tribu

How A Lounger Enhances Your Outdoor Area

A lounger doesn't merely offer a place to sit; it's an invitation to unwind. It beckons you to lean back, breathe in the fresh air, and soak up the sun or stars. With its extended design, a lounger provides full-body support, making it the epitome of outdoor comfort.

But comfort is just one side of the coin. A high-quality lounger acts as a style statement. It showcases your impeccable taste and underscores the aesthetics of your outdoor space. Positioned next to a pool or under a pergola, a lounger adds an instant touch of resort-like luxury, enhancing both the function and the appeal of your outdoor area.

Types of Outdoor Loungers: Finding Your Perfect Fit

When choosing a lounger for your outdoor area, it’s vital to consider form, function, and desired aesthetic. If you’re overwhelmed by options, talk to our design team for expert advice.

Branch Beach Chair Cosh LivingBranch Beach Chair by Tribu

Beach chairs provide casual and comfortable seating, with the advantage of being light and easy to move when required. For a superb example of a beach chair, slide into the Branch, whose floating frame and hammock-style seat elegantly mix aesthetics and function.

Daybeds give you the luxury of a bed with the casual flair of outdoor furniture. Ideal for an afternoon nap or a night under the stars. Consider the Contour Meridienne by Tribu, whose flowing lines and water-repellent cushion make it ideal for poolside lounging. Or turn your space into a secluded retreat with the Pavilion, whose removable roof allows you to enjoy nature to its fullest.  

Pavilion Daybed by TribuPavilion Daybed by Tribu

Wing chairs provide a perfect balance between entertaining and relaxing, giving you a platform equally suited for intimate conversations or sinking into to unwind. Consider the MBRACE, whose high backrest and sturdy teak frame combine with its open-weave seat to provide solid, sophisticated style.


For the ultimate in suspended style, consider a hanging daybed. Rock gently in the breeze on a warm summer day in the SwingMe, whose woven basket construction adds a touch of texture  to your aesthetic. 

Material Matters: Choosing the Right Outdoor Lounger Material

Material isn't just about looks; it's a critical factor in durability and comfort. Powder-coated aluminium loungers are low-maintenance and rust-resistant, requiring very little upkeep. With our range of all-weather-resistant fabrics, a simple wipe down with a cloth is all they need to remove fallen leaves and dirt. While timber frames turn silver over time, they require some maintenance if you want to preserve their golden colour. Contact our staff to discuss the best options for you. 

Accessorising Your Lounger and Outdoor Area

Your lounger might be the main attraction, but accessories can complement it and truly elevate your space. Accentuate your lounging experience with weather-resistant cushions that offer an additional layer of comfort. Consider adding an outdoor rug to delineate the lounging area, adding depth and texture to your outdoor space. 

Shindi Outdoor Rugs Cosh Living
Shindi Outdoor Rugs & Natal Alu X Coffee Tables by Tribu

Side tables are not just functional; they're also an opportunity to showcase your style, whether you opt for something modern and sleek or more traditional and ornate. 

Lastly, never underestimate the impact of lighting. Outdoor lanterns such as the Tribu cast a comforting, cosy glow over your evening activities and add elegance to your space even when not lit.

Lift Your Outdoor Space with a Lounger

A lounger is more than just another piece of furniture; it's a lifestyle choice. It can turn your outdoor area from a mere extension of your home into a place to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family. Contact Cosh Living to begin your lounger journey today.

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