Take outdoor comfort to the next level with a high-quality outdoor daybed. Cosh Living offers a range of designer outdoor daybed that allow you to create the perfect retreat. A warm and luxurious outdoor haven for your home that can be enjoyed during both summer and winter. We have different styles and designs that can make your alfresco space exude long-lasting cosiness and sophistication.

Outdoor Daybeds

If you are committed to spending time outdoors relaxing, a large comfortable outdoor daybed is a great choice. We have a wide range of daybeds that will create resort style outdoor living in the comfort of your own home.

Here are a few things to consider when purchasing a daybed:

Where will it go? Make sure you complete thorough measurements of available space, as well as delivery access to your home. (Some apartment lifts can be tight for larger daybeds that arrive in one whole unit, like our NESTREST daybed.)

Will it be the centrepiece of your outdoor furniture collection? Or positioned in a secluded area amongst the garden where you can unwind and get some peace and quiet?

What style are you after? contemporary or classic?

Do you want to be able to lie down?

How many people would you like to fit?

A Durable Daybed

We are dedicated to providing statement outdoor furniture pieces that bring function and relaxation to the home. Our outdoor daybeds are made of quality materials that can withstand the harsh Australian climate, while still offering luxurious comfort and style. 

Be sure to consult our garden furniture experts at our showrooms in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane for further assistance. 

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