Experience Australian-Made Quality with Kett's Modular Sofas

Experience Australian-Made Quality with Kett's Modular Sofas

At Cosh, our range of Modular, or sectional sofas, provide flexibility in size, layout, and upholstery. Our modular sofas are made to order in Melbourne to the highest quality and comfort standards. Whether you are looking for a contemporary or classic look, we have a wide range of Australian designed and made modular sofas to suit any interior styles.

Feather topAbove: Feathertop SofaPortland Coffee Tables by Kett & Mito Floor Lamp by Rakumba 

Why Choose a Modular Sofa?

A Modular Sofa is perfect for modern living spaces and can be configured to fit any room, regardless of size or shape. With pieces that can be rearranged, you can customise you’re seating to suit your needs. Whether you prefer a cosy corner L Shaped Sofa or a sprawling Modular Lounge, our range of modular sofas are ideal for maximising space and accommodating extra family members or guests. Additionally, having a chaise as part of a modular sofa enhances comfort, allowing you to lie down while still providing room for others.

Otway Modular Sofa Indoor Furniture KettAbove: Otway Modular Sofa & Otway Round Coffee Tables Porcelain by Kett

Creating Comfort and Style with the L-Shaped Design

The L-shaped sofa is a classic design that suits any space, instantly creating a welcoming atmosphere in any living room. One of the greatest advantages of a modular sofa is its ability to offer the same L shape in a variety of styles. This versatility ensures that you can find the perfect sofa to match your unique taste and home décor.

Otway Modular Sofa 30% Off Indoor Furniture KettAbove: Otway Modular SofaOtway Round Coffee Tables PorcelainJohanna Ottomans by Kett

Pieces such as the Otway modular sofa create an L shape with a soft silhouette and a distinctive contemporary oak platform that holds the cushioning, giving the sofa a soft and inviting feel. Inspired by the great Otway ranges, this modular sofa exudes a distinctive Australian vibe, bringing a sense of nature into any home.

Otway Modular Sofa 30% Off Indoor Furniture KettAbove: Otway Modular Sofa & Johanna Ottomans by Kett

The Avoca modular is a great option if you are looking for sofa with a more minimalist look. It features enduring contemporary lines and a plush level of comfort. Its compact frame creates an air of lightness and offers a subtle nod to mid-century Scandinavian design, making it ideal for both formal and relaxed living spaces.

Avoca Modular Sofa 15% Off Indoor Furniture KettAbove: Avoca Modular Sofa by Kett

The Benefits of Designer Sofas

Investing in a designer sofa means embracing both comfort and style. Designer modular sofas focus on creating pieces that not only look stunning but also offer superior comfort, through the use of top quality materials and the ability to personalise each piece. 

Erskine Modular Sofa Indoor Furniture KettAbove: Erskine Modular Sofa & Erskine Coffee Table by Kett

Modular pieces such as the Erskine sofa offer exceptional comfort, durability, and timeless design. Crafted to be passed down through generations, this sofa features generous cushioning while providing an exceptionally comfortable seat.

Erskine Modular Sofa Indoor Furniture KettAbove: Erskine Modular Sofa & Erskine Coffee Table by Kett

Choosing a designer modular sofa, means choosing a sofa that only uses top quality materials, ensuing your sofa lasts. The Erskine sofa’s seat support is a sprung steel frame system, with the base and legs crafted from solid Oak. Back cushions consist of a feather down composition, whilst seat cushions comprise of a premium foam inner core and luxury feather down tops, providing ultimate comfort.

Erskine Modular Sofa Indoor Furniture KettAbove: Erskine Modular SofaErskine Coffee TableKarm Lounge Chair & Johanna Ottomans by Kett

Erskine Modular Sofa Indoor Furniture KettAbove: Erskine Modular Sofa by Kett &  Spring Coffee Tables by Potocco

Another benefit of a designer modular sofa is they also offers more room for customisation. The Erskine modular sofa not only offers a classic L shape but now includes an additional modular piece with a 30-degree angle. This innovative design allows you to create a curved shape, encouraging interaction and more dynamic use of the space. The Erskine sofa is a perfect blend of form and function, making it a standout piece in any home.

Tailor-Made for Your Home

Every home is unique, and your furniture should reflect that. Our Sectional Sofa range offers the flexibility to create a seating arrangement that fits your lifestyle. Whether you need additional seating for guests or a cosy spot for family movie nights, a Modular Sofa can adapt to your changing needs. The high-quality upholstery options allow you to choose the perfect fabric to match your decor.

Above: Feathertop SofaJohanna Occasional Chairs & Portland Arc Coffee Table by Kett

All modular sofas from Kett offer a broad selection of upholstery options, with 72 fabrics and leathers available for customisation. Additionally, there are timber stain choices including natural, light walnut, smoked oak, and exhibition (black), each inspired by the Australian landscape which bring a distinctively Australian aesthetic into any home.

Above:  Feathertop Sofa & Portland Arc Coffee Table by Kett

The Feathertop sofa, a recent addition to Kett Furniture’s collection, features large scatter cushions and can be tailored with different fabrics to craft a uniquely personalised piece. It's relaxed design perfect for those who enjoy a casual and Its generous size makes it ideal for larger families. 

Standing Out in Both Quality & Design 

At Cosh, we pride ourselves on offering Australian-made furniture that excels in both quality and design. Our modular sofas are manufactured in Melbourne, ensuring that each piece meets our stringent quality standards. From the timber frames and local staining to all upholstery finalised in our Bayswater factory, choosing our Modular Lounge collections means investing in furniture that combines comfort, style, and durability.

Erskine Modular Sofa Indoor Furniture KettAbove: Erskine Modular Sofa & Erskine Coffee Table by Kett

Explore Our Range

From the classic elegance of the Erskine Modular Sofa to the versatile design of the Sectional Otway Sofa, our collection caters to all tastes and preferences.

Visit any of our showrooms in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, or Perth to experience the comfort and quality of our Australian-made modular sofas firsthand. Our expert team is here to help you select the perfect modular sofa that complements your home and lifestyle. For further advice, book a complimentary design consultation today.

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