An outdoor living space should have more than just tables and chairs. It is important to create the perfect ambience using interesting accessories that can make the space inviting and special. It is easy to complete the whole picture by adding outdoor accessories that can stimulate different senses. Select from our extensive range of products including ottomans, cushion boxes, privacy screens, side tables, candle holders, LED Lights, towel racks, and more.

Whether or not your outdoor area has a theme, our accessories can help you create the style you want to achieve. Cosh Living is the name you can trust for quality outdoor pieces and accessories that can make your outdoor living space standout.

Ambient Nest Outdoor Furniture Gloster

Ambient Nest 25% Off

$1,140.00 $1,520.00

Butler Trolley Outdoor Furniture Potocco

Butler Trolley


DALA Lanterns Outdoor Furniture DEDON

DALA Lanterns


DALA Planters Outdoor Furniture DEDON

DALA Planters


Dunes Side Table Outdoor Furniture Tribu

Dunes Side Table


Hexagon Low Tables Outdoor Furniture Tribu

Hexagon Low Tables

from $2,035.00

LA MALLE Cushion Trunk Outdoor Furniture DEDON

LA MALLE Cushion Trunk


Loft Outdoor Rugs Outdoor Furniture Tribu

Loft Outdoor Rugs

from $5,190.00

LOON Floor Lamps

LOON Floor Lamps

from $1,615.00

MBRACE Footstool Outdoor Furniture DEDON

MBRACE Footstool


Monsieur Tricot Lighting Outdoor Furniture Tribu

Monsieur Tricot Lighting


Nomad Poufs Outdoor Furniture Tribu

Nomad Poufs

from $1,998.00

Roots Side Table Outdoor Furniture Tribu

Roots Side Table


Shindi Outdoor Rugs Outdoor Furniture Tribu

Shindi Outdoor Rugs

from $6,175.00

THE OTHERS Lanterns Outdoor Furniture DEDON



Touch Ottomans Outdoor Furniture Manutti

Touch Ottomans

from $1,180.00

Towel Rack Outdoor Furniture Tribu

Towel Rack


Tribu Lanterns Outdoor Furniture Tribu

Tribu Lanterns

from $625.00

Well Designed Outdoor Living Accessories:

Adding accessories to your outdoor living area will ensure it is inviting, memorable and functional. Outdoor accessories are an excellent way to add interest, texture and flexibility. Whether decorative planters, scatter cushions, outdoor lighting, ottomans or a coffee table – all add extra charm to your outdoor setting.

A well designed and stylish cushion box can be a great addition to your outdoor furniture collection. Ask our expert furniture specialists at our stores in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney or Perth about the most stylish and durable accessories that suit the look and needs of your outdoor living area.

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