Beach Shack

Beach Shack

Interiors & Styling: Sara Campbell Design
Builder: Ryan Cole
Photography: Denise Rix

Characterised by a fusion of coastal and traditional elements, this Beach Shack residence is a merging point of the interior space and the surrounding natural landscape. Situated on the foreshore of Scarborough Beach, the luxurious apartment boasts sweeping views of the Indian Ocean.

Upon entry to the home, you are greeted with a flood of natural light that evokes a sense of serenity. Sara Campbells’ inclusion of colours akin to the nearby coastline, provide visual connectivity between the indoors and out. A strong sense of place is present in every room, with ceramics and tonal green inclusions embodying the sandy dunes and flora that line the seaside. Materiality and thoughtful finishes are ever-present throughout the residence, underlining the excellence of the local collaborators in this project.

The Beach Shack residence features a selection of Kett’s Australian furniture, designed by Justin Hutchinson. Similarly to this project, Kett draws inspiration from Victorian coastlines and creates collections defined by the distinctive colour and form of the regions. The selected pieces were thoughtfully included to maximise space and ensure the owners had uninterrupted scenic views.

The design excellence paired with unmatched functionality ensures the residence balances comfort and aesthetic. The finishes of this home celebrate Australian coastal living, which has been beautifully executed in this bespoke residence.

Cosh Living products featured in this project:

Otway Modular Sofa

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