Curtin Heritage


Design Firm: Hames Sharley

Photographer: Jody Darcy

The Curtin Heritage Living Project by Hames Sharley aimed to transform a residential aged care facility in Cottesloe, WA, into a warm and sophisticated environment that felt like home.

Creating a sense of familiarity.

The design concept focused on infusing the space with life, comfort, and a sense of familiarity to ease the transition for residents. Materials and furniture were carefully selected to reflect the characteristics of the Waterfront Cottesloe community, including the blue hues of the ocean, the sunset colours, and the natural elements.

Balancing practicality and aesthetics.

Cosh Living provided a range of casual and refined furniture pieces, including Australian-designed and European options, which were customisable to create different moods throughout the facility. Balancing practicality and aesthetics, the furniture was tested for comfort and ergonomics to meet the residents' needs.

  • Velis Lounge Tub Chair 15% Off Indoor Furniture Potocco

    Velis Lounge Chair

    The Velis collection explores and resolves the relation between solid wood and upholstery in the best way, defining a perfect integration between parts, where one supports the other in a reciprocal balance.

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  • Otway Round Coffee Tables Porcelain 15% Off Indoor Furniture Kett

    Otway Porcelain Coffee Tables

    The Otway coffee table collection is a contemporary range of nesting coffee and side tables. Available in a range of natural timber tones, the porcelain top offers a marble-like appearance, while being non-porous, and easy to clean. (This means no need to panic when guests are drinking red wine without a coaster!)

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  • Johanna Sofa 15% Off Indoor Furniture Kett

    Johanna Sofa

    The Johanna sofa is defined by a curvaceous and elegant form, executed with exceptional detail. At home in a formal or relaxed environment for brief sitting or comfortable lounging. Johanna expands space, is visually light and deceptively compact, a standout with a distinct silhouette and elegant materiality.

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The impact of great designer furniture.

The collaborative effort resulted in a residential aged-care facility that defied traditional institutional environments, showcasing the profound impact and importance of good design.

  • Wye Armchair (Outdoor) 15% Off Outdoor Furniture Kett

    Wye Armchair

    A river runs, carving a line through the land to the sea. The Wye dining collection is defined by its flowing line and concise intersections, providing seating and dining for a range of occasions.

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  • Branch Bistro Table

    Inspired by tree branches, the Branch round outdoor table looks fluid and organic. Behind the slimline appearance lies a sophisticated design made from well-thought-out weather-resistant materials. The aluminium frames are powder-coated with a double layer for a superior scratch and UV-resistance. The Branch collection is low maintenance and 100% recyclable.

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