Frame Living System


Designer - Justin Hutchinson

Shortlisted in the 2020 Interior Design Excellence Awards (IDEA). 

The Frame Living System integrates storage and technology into a seamless furniture solution for the home or office. The design allows a personalised solution to furniture and joinery needs by offering a wide range of functions and finishes to complement each room.

Frame is the outcome of research into innovative connection systems that afford an exact and robust method of installation for many interior walls, from plasterboard through to masonry.

Sustainability and health were key considerations in the development, with materials free of formaldehyde, phenols, solvents, PVC or melamine. Frame defines the room by allowing the surrounding walls to express the space, making this living system much lighter than traditional wall-to-wall joinery.

When space is a premium, allow Frame to help open up space, create storage and streamline your technology. Make the collection work for you by using the modules, there are 1000’s of distinctive combinations to be personalised through a multitude of finishes.

Designed and made in Australia.

Frame Living System Indoor Furniture Kett

Frame Living System

from $4,670.00