Designer: Justin Hutchinson

Nelson is an outdoor furniture collection that draws inspiration from the definitive form of sailboats that navigate through the pristine waters of Nelson Bay. Soft winds and blue seas, sailing over calm and steady waters is the core sentiment of this collection. Enduring the embodiment of the Kett legacy, Nelson responds to a beautiful landscape along the Australian coastline, maintaining the regions essence through colour, shape and form.  

The armchair, akin to the structure of its muse, the sailboat, balances strong linear form that is softened by rounded edging. Powder-coated in  with a matte finish, the armchair. is sleek and minimal, suiting an extensive range of outdoor dining tables. Much like the requirement of a sailboat, the chair frame is soft by contrast, yet robust in structure to withstand Australia’s magnificent weather. The frame holds the batyline seat sling, charting a precise course that contours the body. The tensioned batyline offers ultimate strength and breathability adding to the appeal and level of exceptional comfort offered by the armchair. The seat sling that cantilevers so effortlessly over the front edge frame, mirrors the curvaceous form of a boat that allows it to passage through a body of water. 

The pieces within this collection will age slowly and gracefully and continue to bring to life the splendour that Australia has to offer.

“The act of drawing upon place to inform the collection allows us to bring the outdoors into the home. From place we gain a sense of the importance of colours, shapes and form that are akin to a sense of our own identity”.

- Justin Hutchinson 

Nelson Armchair Outdoor Furniture Kett

Nelson Armchair