Project:Cosh Living

Builder: Hadar Homes

The Hamptons-style home is a beloved architectural style, particularly among those who appreciate its classic and refined design. Originating from the picturesque seaside communities of Long Island, New York, these homes are renowned for their timeless appeal.

Indoors blend seamlessly with the outdoors, creating an understated & connective space.

These stunning builds which are known for spacious interiors and generous balconies, promote indoor-outdoor living, as well as entertaining and relaxation, which makes them a popular choice for an Australian family home.

  • Johanna Armchair 15% Off Indoor Furniture Kett

    Johanna Armchair

    The Johanna collection references the textures of coastal grasslands that knit the surface of the dunes, the palette of colours drawing inspiration from the hues over grazing pastures. Johanna is defined by a curvaceous and elegant form, executed with exceptional detail. Designed and made in Australia.

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  • Johanna Marble Elliptical Table Indoor Furniture Kett

    Johanna Elliptical Marble Table

    A celebration of solid timber and timeless natural stone, a product of crafted refinement. The Johanna elliptical table, trustworthy in strength, delicate in appearance and an engineering feat. 200kg of finessed Carrara marble supported by intricate timber joinery, requiring decades of expertise to make.

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  • Nodi Easy Chair 15% Off Outdoor Furniture Tribu

    Nodi Easy Chair

    Light and airy, the Nodi easy chair is characterised by twisted-interlaced rope in weather-resistant Canax®, stretched across a precise geometric frame. Refined proportions and a minimalist approach to materiality lend a casual lightness to the collection. The slim profile of the arm is angled slightly inward in a welcoming gesture.

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  • Erskine Lounge Chair 15% Off Indoor Furniture Kett

    Erskine Lounge Chair

    The Erskine collection draws inspiration from Erskine Falls and consists of a series of generous sofas and refined coffee & side tables. The dramatic sweep of the Erskine sofa’s arms reference natural curvilinear forms, whilst a French seam rises up and continues along a ‘ridge’ and back down the other side.

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A sophisticated waterfront home, paired with quality & contemporary furniture.

One outstanding example of the Hamptons style can be found on Lake Mulwala, NSW built by the award-winning construction company Hadar Homes. The residence is a breathtaking exemplar of the style, while indoor and outdoor furniture by Australian and European brands from Cosh Living come together, creating a cohesive and elegant ambience.

  • Erskine Sofa Indoor Furniture Kett

    Erskine Sofa

    The Erskine offers understated elegance as a meeting place for family and friends. The sofa features generous cushioning to allow upright face to face conversation, while the exceptionally comfortable seat evokes images of more simple pleasures – your feet up and head back on a leisurely afternoon.

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  • Nodi Lounger 15% Off Outdoor Furniture Tribu

    Nodi Lounger

    Light and airy, the Nodi collection is characterised by twisted-interlaced rope stretched across a precise geometric frame. Refined proportions and a minimalist approach lend a casual, lightness to the collection.

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  • Velis Barstool 15% Off Indoor Furniture Potocco

    Velis Barstool

    The Velis collection explores and resolves the relation between solid wood and upholstery in the best way, defining a perfect integration between parts, where one supports the other in a reciprocal balance.

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  • Aireys Woven Lounge Chair 30% Off Outdoor Furniture Kett

    Aireys Woven Lounge Chair 30% Off

    Kett furniture is inspired by Australiannatural landscapes.The refined lines of the Aireys Woven collection is built to withstand nature’s elements, with powder coated aluminium frames and all-weather fabrics.

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Thoughtful design in a lakeside home.

The entire layout of the house has been thoughtfully planned to maximise the breathtaking views of the glimmering pool and picturesque lake. The positioning of the building has been meticulously arranged to capture the most advantageous solar exposure for the site. Every detail has been considered to ensure that the beauty of the surroundings can be fully appreciated from every corner of the home.

  • TIBBO Sofa Outdoor Furniture DEDON

    TIBBO Sofa

    The TIBBO collection is a reflection of an era in which indoor and outdoor living spaces are merging together as one. The comfort of a luxurious indoor furniture piece can now be enjoyed outside on the back patio.

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  • Drops Side Tables 15% Off Outdoor Furniture Tribu

    Drops Side Tables

    The DROPS side tables are inspired by the concentric circles that are formed by falling raindrops. They are available in three different heights, so combining them creates a visual game that is enhanced by the bases that have a moon-shaped design.

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  • Tribu Lanterns Outdoor Furniture Tribu

    Tribu Lanterns

    The terrace has become an extension of the home where you want to relax in a cosy atmosphere. Once night falls these outdoor lanterns will warm up your space and set the mood. Create variation by alternating the 2 available sizes and by grouping candles of different sizes. You can also combine them with the teak support for more height.

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  • Hexagon Low Tables Outdoor Furniture Tribu

    Hexagon Low Tables

    The Hexagon low tables prove that nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for new designs. The teak frame refers to the hexagonal basalt pillars of the Giants Causeway, a rock formation in Northern Ireland that was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Home By Hadar Homes

Specialising in crafting high-end homes tailored to suit every lifestyle, Hadar homes are renowned for their abundant natural light and thoughtful design centred around dining, kitchen, and living spaces—the heart of family and social gatherings. Each home is meticulously planned to incorporate cherished features like spacious bathrooms, walk-in robes, and outdoor entertaining areas, alongside essential elements such as ample storage, zoned bedrooms, and maximised natural light.