Outdoor Sofas & Daybeds

Make your outdoor space relaxing, inviting, and comfortable with an outdoor sofa or daybed. Cosh Living is your partner in making the most of your outdoor living area with quality furniture pieces that can enhance the serenity and comfort of your home. We stock a wide range of sofas in different designs and styles, suitable for both the residential and contract markets. We have both fixed size and modular sofa systems available, including lounge chairs, two-seaters, three-seaters, ottomans and more.

Comfortable Outdoor Lounge Furniture

Integrating comfortable outdoor furniture into your home brings a multitude of benefits. It extends your outdoor living area to the open air, creating a welcoming spot for relaxation and socialising. This outdoor furniture serves as an invitation to unwind, providing a comfortable setting for enjoying nature, reading a book, or sipping a beverage. Beyond the functional aspects, well-designed outdoor lounge furniture adds an aesthetic dimension, enhancing the visual appeal of your landscape. It facilitates casual dining and entertaining, making it an ideal setting for gatherings and alfresco meals. With weather-resistant materials, it ensures year-round enjoyment, offering a personalized and stylish extension of your home that contributes to overall wellness.

Developments in material technologies mean that outdoor sofas can now be as comfortable as indoor sofas. Allow the style of your interior flow seamlessly into the garden.

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Durable Outdoor Cushions

The fabrics and quick-dry foams used on our outdoor lounge range are sourced from premium outdoor partners, and tested for their durability. They are designed to leave in the elements, so you don't need to run outside to remove the cushions when it rains.

Although all of our outdoor cushions are weather-resistant, we still recommend some upkeep, just as you would expect with a car or plants that are left outdoors. Hose down the furniture in dry, dusty periods, wipe off chlorine and sea salt splashed, and always wipe spills when they occur. During winter and heavy rain periods, we recommend using protective covers to keep your furniture clean and ensure long life.

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Leading International Brands

Whether you’re specifying furniture for a resort or entertaining guests at home, we have sofas daybeds for all kinds of spaces.

Our outdoor sofas and daybeds offer the perfect balance of style and luxurious comfort so everyone will want to spend more quality time outdoors. Transform your outdoor area with a high quality outdoor sofa or daybed from leading worldwide brands available at Cosh Living; Dedon, Tribu and Kett.

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Outdoor Furniture Specialists

At Cosh Living, we have been supplying outdoor furniture to Australian homes for over 15 years. Our experienced team can assist you with selecting the right pieces for your home, to ensure you choose the perfect solution to help you maximise your outdoor living space. Book a complimentary consultation and receive tailored advice for your home.

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