River House

Kyle Bay, NSW

Design: KA Design Studio

Design Team: Christian Campoy, Lisa Tackenberg, Sebastian Kaintoch

Photography:Tom Ferguson

Nestled along the shores of Kyle Bay stands the remarkable River House, a creation of KA Design Studio.

Raw materials meet refined living along Kyle Bay.

Embodying a minimalist approach with raw materials, this residence showcases a sleek and tiered structure. Each level gracefully extends beyond the next, accentuating the steep incline of the terrain beneath, emphasized by substantial concrete slabs. This architectural strategy not only accentuates the site's natural topography but also invites ample northern sunlight to permeate every corner of the dwelling, while maintaining unobstructed views of the river.

Expansive windows frame picturesque panoramas.

Inside, airy living spaces adorned with opulent finishes take centre stage. Meticulously selected materials such as sumptuous marble, terrazzo, and timber exude a tranquil and sensual ambiance, juxtaposed against the grandeur of exposed concrete. Expansive windows frame picturesque panoramas, inviting in the gentle bay breeze, enhancing the overall atmosphere of luxury and comfort.

According to designer Sebastian Kaintoch, River House is meticulously crafted to cater to the demands of contemporary living, boasting an open floor plan, terrace, and cantilevered pool.


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Between the boat shed and the residence ensures a harmonious transition throughout the entire property.

An intriguing aspect of this abode is its boat shed, specifically designed to accommodate a sizable 40-foot yacht with direct access to the main house. The seamless integration of materials and design elements between the boat shed and the residence ensures a harmonious transition throughout the entire property.

Home by KA Design Studio

KA Design Studio was founded in 2013 with a focus on design, timeless aesthetic, and honest materials, which reign supreme in this design studio located in Bondi Beach. Drawing inspiration from the Modernist movement and Bauhaus, adherence to pure materials, experience of space, and light is paramount in their field of design ideas