Teak Outdoor Furniture Care

While teak is one of the most durable materials for outdoor furniture, maintaining its longevity and desired appearance requires some care. There are various ways to keep your teak outdoor furniture in the best shape, including regular maintenance, deep cleaning, and protection. Tribù offers products that make maintaining your teak furniture easy.

Maintaining Teak

Crafted to feel warm, inviting, and natural – teak outdoor furniture supports a relaxed Australian aesthetic. Just like the changing of the seasons, your teak furniture will mirror the transitions of it's surrounds.

When teak is new, it emits a beautiful golden hue. When left outside, teak will turn silver from exposure to sun and rain. Known commonly as the ‘patina’ of teak, it is the natural ageing process. This patina is actually loved by many, as it's a very distinctive 'teak' look.

However, this patina can be removed, and the golden hue restored with just a little effort.

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