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Haru and So

Haru and So

Australian Designed & Made
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RRP From $1,400 (Haru)
RRP From $1,100 (So)

Designer: Tom Skeehan, 2023

An intrinsically linked pair, the Haru and So table lamps by Australian designer Tom Skeehan are a celebration of material-driven design, blending centuries-old artisan techniques with contemporary form and colour theory.

Each Haru and So lamp is individually hand-blown by Australian glass artists, with form and scale challenging the boundaries of traditional glassworking. Recurring curved motifs and a shared anthropomorphic aesthetic across Haru and So creates a visually striking, complementary pair, enhanced by the captivating depths of layered colour. Haru and So provide the perfect blend of tradition and modernity, craftsmanship and creativity, creating sculptural moments in sophisticated interiors.

Haru & So

Ø250 x H310 mm
Ø200 x H215 mm

Materials & Finishes: 
Blue, Teal & Amber Glass

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