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Nomad Dining Chair

Nomad Dining Chair

From $3,540

International Collection
Special order, lead time approximately 18 weeks.

Designed by: Monica Armani

The NOMAD dining chair emphasises the unique characteristics of teak wood, one being able to sculpt it, like few other kinds of wood. Having extensive knowledge and experience in teak processing, Tribù was able to guide designer Monica Armani from concept to a final design, balancing soft shapes, subtle lines, and skill.

The Nomad chair is a sculpture on its own, each face perfectly joined and the backrests harmonious and inviting to take a seat sit down and enjoy any outdoor ambience. In addition, Monica Armani worked on shaped cushions, couture objects, which dress the seats just like a tailor-made suit. The cushions propose comfort and a unique design aesthetic.

An harmonious addition to the NOMAD collection, this dining chair which represents a refined and durable design for discrete and exclusive luxury, breathing the distinctive traits of the Tribù Maison.

Materials: A-grade plantation teak from East-Java, every log is handpicked during the cutting process of the tree.

Excluding Cushion W60 x D56 x H76 x AH66 SH43
Including Cushion: W60 x D56 x H76 x AH66 SH51 

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