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SCOORA Lantern

SCOORA Lantern

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International Collection
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Designer: Hoffmann & Kahleyss Design

DEDON introduces SCOORA by Hoffmann & Kahleyss Design, a refined yet playful lantern that brings craftsmanship and design to the outdoors. The collection name SCOORA is a variation of the name Zora, which in different languages and cultures
has meanings such as sky, sun, sunrise or shell. Turned to the sky, the Lantern resembles an open shell and creates a soothing, atmospheric light. Wrapped in an organic silhouette and an intricate weave that comes in two colour ways, this vibrantly textured lighting collection adds a unique ambience to any setting.

The organic shape of SCOORA imbues almost any space with tranquility and elegance. Sensuous, soft and translucent, the luminaire’s sumptuous weave invites to touch and creates a dazzling interplay of light and shadow.

Materials: Dedon fibre woven onto and, powder-coated aluminium base. SCOORA comes with either an LED fixture or a candle holder



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