Discover Outdoor Sofas for Your Space

Discover Outdoor Sofas for Your Space

An outdoor sofa is a great way to transform an outdoor area into a luxurious extension of your home. More than just furniture, outdoor sofas are a statement of style, comfort, and a reflection of your personal aesthetic. 

If you are thinking about adding or upgrading a sofa in your outdoor area, here are some tips on preparing your space, selecting the right type of sofa, and styling tips to create your ideal outdoor area just in time for summer.

The outdoor sofa outline

Outdoor sofas are specially designed pieces of furniture that bring the comfort and style of your living room to the great outdoors. Crafted to withstand the elements, these sofas combine durable materials with elegant designs to create a welcoming and aesthetically pleasing solution for your outdoor seating area. 

Whether it's for lounging in the sun, enjoying evening conversations, or hosting outdoor gatherings, an outdoor sofa is a cornerstone of any luxurious outdoor lounging space. 

TIBBO outdoor sofas by DEDONTIBBO SofaTIBBO Lounge Chair XLTIBBO Coffee Table & THE OTHERS Lanterns by DEDON

At Cosh Living, we offer a diverse range of outdoor sofas to ensure that we can provide the ideal piece for various backyard settings, catering to your needs and desired aesthetic.

If customisation is something you are looking for, modular sofas such as the Natal Alu allow for multiple layouts, from a straight two-seater to an L-shaped configuration perfect for entertaining. 

Natal Alu Sofa by TribuNatal Alu SofaNomad PoufsTao Low Tables Monsieur Tricot Lighting by Tribu

The Forrest Sofa by Kett is a great solution if you have a more compact space. Perfect for a balcony or garden patio this sofa has a warm teak timber frame with backrests which are uniquely hand woven with a twitchell UV stable rope.

Forrest Sofa by KettForrest Sofa & Johanna Ottomans by Kett

For something unique, a loveseat such as the SWINGREST Sofa is available in both hanging or free-standing versions. This compact sofa gives you the option of an intimate shared seating space or a room to spread out and relax. 

Swingrest Sofa by DEDONSWINGREST Sofa SWINGREST Rotating Lounge Chair by DEDON
Ideal for adding an indulgent relaxation spot to your outdoor space, our range of Daybeds from the sleek and refined Contour Meridienne to the customisable and sheltering Pavilion can enhance your lounging area without the need for an additional sofa.Pavillion Daybed by TribuPavilion DaybedNomad Poufs by Tribu

Preparing your outdoor space for a sofa

Introducing a sofa to your outdoor space requires thoughtful consideration. It’s crucial to ensure the sofa fits comfortably, allowing for easy movement around it. additionally, your outdoor sofa should complement the existing outdoor decor, maintaining consistency in your chosen aesthetic.   

It is vital to ensure your space is clean, and any landscaping is trimmed back so you don't have overgrown plants that could drop leaves onto your sofa. You may also want to decide whether to place your sofa directly onto the patio or surfaces in your yard. If you choose not to, you may want to consider adding an outdoor rug. Adding a rug is great for defining the area, protecting new decking, and adding a layer of comfort and style.

Outdoor rug Cosh LivingTosca SofaTosca Lounge ChairTosca Coffee TableDunes Low TablesShindi Outdoor Rugs by Tribu

Although our sofas are made with all weatherproof materials, to ensure longevity it is vital to consider the placement in relation to sun exposure, rain, and ease of access, ensuring your sofa is both protected and accessible. 

How to choose the right outdoor sofa for your space

Choosing the ideal outdoor sofa involves considering the size and layout of your space. The sofa size should be able to fit in your chosen space with additional room left over for a footrest and side table to be able to create a space that looks balanced and is comfortable to use. 

Vis a visVis a Vis SofaTao Low TablesAmanu Lounge Chair by Tribu 

How you will use the space plays an important role in making the right Sofa choice. If you’re creating an entertaining area and plan on having many guests, a larger modular sofa is perfect for utilising a large amount of space offering a lot of seating without the need for too many additional pieces of furniture. If you’re building with a slightly smaller area and want the option to add or remove pieces, a more compact sofa along with a couple of lounge or side chairs and a longer one may be more suitable. 

Pure Sofa by TribuPure SofaNomad PoufsPure Sofa C Table by Tribu 

If you’re not sure whether a potential addition will fit, our Augmented Reality App allows you to preview what our pieces would look like in your space.

Material selection and comfort are critical; making sure the fabric you choose is made is durable enough to withstand harsh weather conditions, while also providing comfort and durability. 

  Apollo by KettApollo SofaApollo Lounge ChairJohanna Ottomans by Kett 

Finally, whether your outdoor area is a continuation of the aesthetic you’ve carefully cultivated indoors or a space unto itself, you can also consider the colour and texture of your sofa to ensure it matches your desired aesthetic. For assistance finding the perfect outdoor sofa for your space, book a consultation with our design team.

Decorating to enhance your outdoor sofa

Decorating an outdoor lounge area involves using accessories to enhance both comfort and aesthetics. Incorporating pieces like outdoor rugs and side tables can complete the look, creating a cohesive and inviting space. 

Tribu Collections by Cosh livingElio Lounge ChairsElio SofaRoots Side TableNatal Alu X Coffee TablesShindi Outdoor Rugs by Tribu 

Utilise ambient lighting to create a cosy atmosphere in the evenings, adding warmth and charm. Introduce planters to bring life and freshness to the seating area, and choose a colour palette that harmonises with the surroundings, creating an aesthetically pleasing environment. 

Monsieur TricotNatal Alu Meridienne Roots Side Table Monsieur Tricot Lighting by Tribu 

Transforming your outdoor space

An outdoor sofa is more than just a piece of furniture; it's a focal point of your outdoor living space. It symbolises comfort, style, and the essence of alfresco living. By carefully selecting, preparing, and styling your outdoor sofa, you can create a haven that not only looks stunning but also provides a comfortable and inviting space to relax and entertain. 

Forrest Outdoor Lounge Collection by KettForrest SofaForrest Lounge Chair Forrest Coffee Table by Kett

To start your sofa journey and begin the process of transforming your outdoor space, visit a Cosh Living showroom today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are outdoor sofas made of?

Outdoor sofas are crafted from materials that withstand weather conditions. Aluminium, known for being lightweight and rust-resistant, suits modern styles.Teak and similar hardwoods offer robust durability and elemental resistance. Synthetic fabrics like Sunbrella, which resist UV rays, moisture, and mildew, are also widely used for outdoor durability.

How do I choose the right outdoor sofa for my space?

To choose the right outdoor sofa, assess the space available and determine the appropriate size of the sofa. Consider the local climate to select suitable materials. Ensure the sofa complements your existing outdoor decor for style compatibility. Finally, consider how the sofa will be used and test for comfort to ensure it meets your needs.

How do I care for and maintain my outdoor sofa?

To maintain your outdoor sofa, regularly clean the fabric with mild soap and water. Treat wooden or metal frames with oil or rust protectants as needed. Store cushions indoors or in a dry place during inclement weather, and use a waterproof cover to shield the sofa from the elements. For more information and to purchase care products, visit our website.

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