Outdoor Furniture for Summer

Outdoor Furniture for Summer

Summer has a way of breathing life into our surroundings, making it the perfect time to revitalise your outdoor space. As our gardens are flourishing, your outdoor area can become a vibrant extension of your home, ideal for entertaining, relaxing, or both.

Transforming your outdoor space requires careful planning and selection of furniture and accessories. Today we’ll dive into the art of planning and bringing your area to life.

Welcoming Summer: Preparing Your Outdoor Space

The first step towards creating a stunning outdoor space is preparation. Refreshing our space isn't confined to the interiors, and now that summer has arrived, spending more time outdoors means clearing your patio, deck, or garden. Remove winter's remnants, clean the floors, and power wash the walls to make them pristine.

Once the stage is set, envision the layout. Do you want an intimate setting for romantic dinners, or are you looking to create a spacious lounge for sun-soaked afternoons? Having a clear idea will help you make well-informed furniture choices. For help planning your space, book a consultation with our expert design team.

Branch Side ChairBranch Side Chair by Tribu 

Al Fresco Dining: Picking the Perfect Outdoor Setting

Nothing compares to the joy of dining outdoors amidst the fragrance of freshly bloomed flowers and the soft embrace of a warm summer breeze. When choosing a dining set, consider not just style but also size and functionality.

Illum Dining Table & Elio Chairs by TribuIllum Teak Table and Elio Armchair by Tribu 

To determine the ideal size, measure your outdoor space and think about the number of people you'll typically host. For help visualising what a potential addition would look like in your space, view it in our augmented reality app.

The style should seamlessly blend with the overall aesthetics of your home. Whether you prefer minimalist aluminium sets or teak tables, ensure that the materials are durable and easy to maintain. 

Lounging in Style: Designer Outdoor Sofas, Lounge Chairs, and Daybeds

For those lazy summer afternoons, comfortable seating options are imperative. An outdoor sofa such as the MU Sofa is ideal for entertaining or stretching out to relax. Lounge chairs like the Aireys Woven Lounge Chair allow extra seating for guests and daybeds are the ultimate in decadent outdoor design.

MU Modular Sofa by DEDON MU Sofa by DEDON 

Accessorising Your Space: Outdoor Furniture Add-ons & Decor

Once the furniture pieces have been chosen, we can then add personality and further enhance the functionality with accessories. Outdoor rugs are a great way to define your seating areas and create a cosy feel. Outdoor Pots can also help define spaces and bring in layers of texture and depth with plants and greenery. If you want to be able to enjoy your outdoor space when the sun goes down, outdoor Lighting is imperative; lanterns such as the Tribu or Loon cast a warm glow that adds ambience to your evening activities, illuminating paths and your outdoor lounge.

Pure Sofa Armchair and Tribu Lanterns Pure Sofa Armchair and Tribu Lanterns by Tribu 

Weatherproof Wonders: Durable Outdoor Furniture for Summer 

Summer sunlight can be unpredictable and harsh. Therefore, it's essential to select furniture that can endure intense sun rays. Our outdoor furniture collections are all designed and made from weatherproof materials like teak, aluminium, Powder-coated stainless steel and Batyline which offer longevity and durability without compromising on style.

Addis Teak Table and Forrest Armchairs by Kett Addis Teak Table and Forrest Armchair by Kett

Spring into Your Outdoor Space with Cosh 

Spring beckons us to embrace the outdoors. With the right furniture and accessories, your outdoor area can become an oasis of luxury that perfectly complements the invigorating beauty of the season. Choose wisely, and let your outdoor space be a testament to your impeccable style and refined taste. Contact us today to begin your journey.



Which materials are best suited for outdoor furniture in a springtime climate?

Spring weather can be a blend of sunny and rainy days. Materials such as teak, aluminium, and Batyline are not only stylish but also durable. They can withstand moisture and UV rays, making them perfect for springtime outdoor furniture.

How do I determine the ideal size and style for an outdoor dining set?

The key is to balance style, size, and function. Measure your available space and determine how many people you'll usually entertain. When it comes to style, choose finishes or powder coat colours or materials on a dining set that harmonises with your home's existing aesthetics, creating a seamless flow from inside to your outdoor space.

How do I care for my outdoor furniture?

Your outdoor furniture is an investment in luxury and comfort, and proper care can extend its life for many seasons to come. For wooden pieces, regular treatment with oil or sealants can help maintain their natural beauty. Aluminium furniture benefits from periodic cleaning with mild soap and water but generally requires less upkeep. Although all of our cushions are weatherproof, it can be a good idea to store them and other soft elements indoors when not in use for extended periods. For more information on specific care requirements or to purchase maintenance products, visit our site.


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