Collection: Circe Circle Dalkeith

Circe Circle

Architect & Builder: Giorgi
Furnishings & Styling: Tatulli Design Studio
Photography: Jody D'Arcy

A modern family home, this stunning Circe Circle home in Dalkeith Western Australia is calming and sophisticated. Designed & styled by Sam Tatulli of Tatulli Design Studio - the project utilises a monochrome palette, with a focus on texture.

This beautiful home features our Otway table by Kett, and Karm chairs by Softline. The Otway table, designed by Justin Hutchinson, features a porcelain top with a marble-like appearance. This top is is non-porous, making it durable enough for mealtimes & craft activities with the kids, but the natural, luxurious effect of the marble look ensures the the elevated elegance of the space stays intact.

The Karm chairs which sit with the Otway table are stained in 'Light Walnut' to match the frame of the table, and upholstered in a supple olive toned leather. Again this choice is playing two roles - easy care for spills, and the tailored approach of the interior. 

Cosh Living products featured in this project:

Otway Porcelain Dining Table in Light Walnut/Calacatta
Karm Chairs in Light Walnut/Olive Leather